This multidisciplinary program will assist each individual student in developing an individualized plan of action for transitioning successfully from high school to post secondary and/or career venues. The courses will cover and build upon topics consistent with the Hawaii Department of Education’s “Vision of a Public School Graduate,” the Career Technical Education (CTE) Model, and the Hawaii Comprehensive Student Support System (CSSS) Model. Students

are assigned a mentor teacher and remain with the same teacher over the course of four years, thereby developing consistent and positive relationships.


XLP1015M1  |  1/2 CREDT 

Description: Grades 9.  First year in high school.


XLP1015M3  |  1/2 CREDIT

Description: Grades 11.  Third year in high school.


XLP1015M2  |  1/2 CREDIT

Description: Grades 10.  Second year in high school.


XLP1015M4  |  1/2 CREDIT

Description: Grades 12. Fourth year in high school. All courses listed above will allow students to explore and identify educational and career options as well as develop personal, educational, and career goals. Each year, students will build upon the following units of study: Building a Community, Preparing for Success, Achieving Your Goals, Choosing the Right Career, Communicating Effectively, Leadership Training, and Getting Organized. Within each unit, students will complete assignments to develop their Personal Transition Plan (PTP).


TGG1105  |  1/2 CREDIT

Description: Grade 12. During the first semester of the student’s senior year, each student will finalize their Personal Transition Plan by including a personal statement/college essay, career portfolio, professional resume, and post secondary plan. When each element of the Personal Transition Plan (PTP) has been completed, the student will be awarded .50 credit, which satisfies the Hawaii Department of Education Personal Transition Plan (PTP) requirement for graduation.